Solar and Low-E Window Films

Introduction Smart Solar Energy specializes in professionally Installed window films for the Residential,Commercial, Government and Industrial sectors.
Smart Solar Energy supply and install a comprehensive range of High Tech, premium grade quality window films for solar energy savings, thermal performance, safety, security, sacrificial graffiti & decorative/designer films.
Professionally installed window films can be one the most cost effective investments you ever make. Your Home, Office or commercial building is one of the largest investments you made, Smart Solar Energy can help you protect that investment by:-


  • Reducing your utility bills by reducing energy consumption (cooling/heating) systems
  • controlling & regulating temperature
  • Improve safety and security
  • Block out UV (Ultra Violet) radiation
  • reduce glare
  • improve comfort levels
  • protect valuable and expensive interior items from fading
  • Health protection – UV rays pouring in through windows may contribute to Skin cancer
    and wrinkles
  • Increase privacy levels preventing interior viewing
  • Create a uniform external facade
  • Gain maximum external exposure with signage or decorative interior aesthetics

For residential properties, the added incentive of having a professional WERS accredited technician install your Solar window film can be a one of the smartest decisions you ever make, potentially increasing the value on your property with a “WERS” for Film certificate. Click “WERS” to find out more